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The Sexual Health Education (SHE)

The Sexual Health Education (SHE) initiative is a digital-based programme that brings sexual and menstrual health education to young people’s fingertips. The programme leverages digital tools to improve sexual and menstrual health literacy and promote healthy behaviours around relationships for young people and communities. The programme covers various topics to answer burning questions, strengthen young people’s knowledge of their sexual and menstrual health, and discourage risky sexual behaviours globally. Our risk-focused and sex-positive educational resource is divided into four broad subsections, which include Sexual and Reproductive Organs and Their Functions, Relationships and Wellbeing, Sex and Hygiene.
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In recent times, it has become normal to find leaked private videos or pictures of people on the internet. Content is king, they say, and the desire to troll, trend, be favoured by the algorithm, and make money is gradually eliminating humanity and consideration for each other.  What is Sextortion? Sextortion is the short term […]

Menstrual products are feminine hygiene products used to collect menstrual blood during menstruation.  Types of Menstrual Products    Figure 1. Types of Menstrual Products Menstrual Pads Pads are rectangles of absorbent material that attach to the inside of the underwear to collect menstrual blood. Menstrual pads come in different shapes and sizes, with or without wings.  […]

Maintaining good personal hygiene is essential for overall health and wellbeing. Why is it important? Good personal hygiene is vital for young people for several reasons: Here are some tips for young people to maintain good personal hygiene. Maintaining good personal hygiene is essential for overall health and wellbeing. By practising good hygiene habits, young people can […]

Structure of the Breast The breast is the reproductive organ located on the chest. The breast differs in shape, color, and texture across different people and changes throughout the menstrual cycle. It is essential to know how your breasts appear and normally feel. Figure 1: Breast Structure-1 Figure 2: Breast Structure-2 Function of the Breast […]

What is Menstruation? Menstruation is also known as a period and is experienced by genetic females. Periods or menstruation means blood will come out from your vagina, which is between your legs. The blood from your period will not hurt you; it will be reddish brown and might be a bit lumpy. There will be […]

What is Sexual Intercourse? Sexual intercourse is a physical activity between two people that culmuniates in orgasm. ​What is Sexual Consent? Sexual Consent is an agreement to participate in sexual activity without which any sexual activity (Including Oral Sex, Genital touching, vaginal or anal penetration). The legal age for sexual consent is the age, after […]

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that are spread primarily through person-to-person sexual contact. There are more than 30 different sexually transmissible bacteria, viruses and parasites. STIs are common and can cause serious health problems if left untreated. What are the types of STIs? There are many different types of STIs. The common types include […]

Developing and maintaining healthy relationships is an essential aspect of life for many young people. However, navigating the complexities of relationships can be challenging. Building and maintaining healthy relationships involves communication, consent, boundaries and others. Here are some tips on how you can build and manage healthy relationships as a young person. Healthy relationships require […]

Mental wellbeing is a critical component of overall health and is essential for young people as they navigate the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood. Here are some tips for maintaining good mental wellbeing as a young person. Good mental wellbeing for young people requires creating a supportive environment, fostering connections, encouraging healthy habits, providing […]

Sex or sexual intercourse is a normal and healthy aspect of human sexuality. It is essential for individuals of all ages, including youth, to explore their bodies and learn about what feels good. Sexual pleasure can involve the physical stimulation of erogenous zones, such as the genitals, breasts, or other body parts. It can also […]

Puberty is the period of physical and hormonal development that occurs during adolescence. It typically begins between the ages of 8 and 13 for girls and 9 and 14 for boys, although it can occur earlier or later. It is a time when the body goes through significant changes as it transitions from childhood to […]

Structure and Function of the Cervix ​The cervix is the lowest part of the womb that connects the womb to the vagina. It provides a passage between the vagina and the womb, which is very important for reproduction. Figure 1: The structure of the cervix Risk factors for Cervical Cancer Cervical cancer starts in the […]