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The Breast

Structure of the Breast The breast is the reproductive organ located on the chest. The breast differs in shape, color, and texture across different people and changes throughout the menstrual cycle. It is essential to know how your breasts appear and normally feel. Figure 1: Breast Structure-1 Figure 2: Breast Structure-2 Function of the Breast […]


Puberty is the period of physical and hormonal development that occurs during adolescence. It typically begins between the ages of 8 and 13 for girls and 9 and 14 for boys, although it can occur earlier or later. It is a time when the body goes through significant changes as it transitions from childhood to […]

The Cervix

Structure and Function of the Cervix ​The cervix is the lowest part of the womb that connects the womb to the vagina. It provides a passage between the vagina and the womb, which is very important for reproduction. Figure 1: The structure of the cervix Risk factors for Cervical Cancer Cervical cancer starts in the […]

The Vulva and the Vagina 

The Vulva and Vagina are part of the female reproductive organs. The Vulva lies externally and on which pubic hair grows. The main parts of the Vulva include the Labia Majora, Labia Minora, and Clitoris. The Labia and the Clitoris function mainly as organs of sexual pleasure. Parts of the Vulva include:  Mons Pubis: The top […]

Structure and Function of the Reproductive Systems

The reproductive system comprises organs inside (Internal) and outside (External) the body. External reproductive organs, also called “Private Parts” of the body, are parts of the body that other people should not see or touch without your consent. Female Figure 1: Female Reproductive Organs External Organs The main external structures of the female reproductive system […]